Dear Man

Dear Man, how much do you want?

How much would it take for a man to stop being an animal and control himself? Any idea?

One moron says eating chow mien is the root cause of all sex-related crimes in this country! The other cartoons who are supposed to be protecting and policing, say girls who wear short skirts read it out aloud “come, do something to me”! And then we have two “authoritative” ladies crying and sobbing! Why if I may ask? Why do you cry? And what do you cry for? Can you ensure the same kind of security to all the women in this country the way you and your daughters have access to? Of course not! You rape this country, are a burden on us and then make a mockery of our sisters and daughters? All of you can just shut your mouth. The system needs to be cleaned—of you people! Go drown yourself in your own tears.

Girls are being raped by their own grandfathers, fathers, brothers, and friends, in their own houses, in cars, buses, jeeps, parking areas, during the day and in the night. What is common? The MAN, who originated from the woMan! Ironical, but it is the bitter truth.

There is chilly powder at home, but she did not anticipate her own man to rape her! (Most women are not even aware of the term called marital rape!)

They teach her martial arts in school, but she did not expect her grandfather to overpower her!

She does not go out after dark, but fell prey to her own lover in broad day light!

She does not wear “inviting” clothes, but the alcohol didn’t tell him otherwise!

Isn’t it high time that men introspect and realize that even if a woman is very beautiful and inviting, you are supposed to merely appreciate and keep distance? Don’t you roam around bare chestedsans a shirt, with your lungis rolled above your knee level, ride two-wheelers in a flying dhoti, flashing your ‘ long thirsty tongue’ on the streets while peeing? How many times have you been raped?

I go back to my question, how much money would keep you in control of yourself or pay for your mental treatment?



One thought on “Dear Man”

  1. Lavanya,

    Did not visit for a few days and had to catch up with 3 pending posts. What you say about Media deviating from there actual role is so right. Who did you refer to in your previous post? In this post you have rightly pointed out that it is mindset which needs to change. Do read some posts on issue by other bloggers.

    Take care

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