She is dead…

Yes, she is dead…beware!

As I write this to you, I know for sure that she has met with a fatal fate. The day they found out about her association with “XX”; they killed her—their frown killed the very soul of an innocent and harmless being that was preparing itself for the nasty world out there. They could not kill her hope…

But she didn’t give up—her biggest fault. They called her a fighter, what use? She had the most infectious smile which they managed to kill—with their indifference. They could not kill her hope…

Without a soul, sans a smile, walking mile by mile, she was helping them meet their goals. They had the heart to kill her once again—with their attitude. Her dreams were crushed but she dreamt of their triumph, her compassion continued to survive…

Soul-less, smile-less, dream-less—the log continued to live yearning for life, for love, for caressing and a warm embrace.  But it was his lust that fell for her, her starved body, her ailing heart, her fake smile, her pensive eyes…like a ravening animal, he ripped her apart.

How can she live now? She did, like a climber in the yard, she looked for support. They killed her again—by simply shunning her.She continued—drawn back by her responsibilities.

Enough, you have to die sweetheart, bury yourself. Conceal the innocence, bury that love and compassion, it is too late in the day for hope… just entomb the attitude dished out towards you. We need to kill her; she needs to emerge from the ashes, like a phoenix. She is dead but now what shall live on, beware of it!

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