Jab Tak Hai Jaan


The movie did not inspire me much to write anything, but the character of Akira, a Discovery Channel reporter, being played by Anushka Sharma did.

There is an obvious connect for I belong to the same community—media—and she rightly portrayed the dare devil attitude, the macho girl image and the do-or-die zeal. She is almost real, blurting out abuses, befriending strangers and crossing the danger line into the ‘no entry’ area despite a warning.

For the uninitiated, there is a scene where she is asked by Samar Anand (Shah Rukh Khan), the Bomb disposal expert, to keep distance from the scene of crime. However, the chirpy and over enthusiastic Akira who has been filmed in hot pants in Ladakh’s topography at dipping temperatures and inside army camps, lands right in the lap of the bomb endangering ten other important lives. Was I itching to spell out the stupidity of the reporter?

Yes, indeed yes, because I see her clones all around me in real life. Irresponsible journalism has been the order of the day. Let us look at the latest case, that of Mohammad Ajmal Amir Kasab, who was captured by the Indian force during a three-day killing rampage allegedly carried out by gunmen from Pakistan.

That reminds me, media today is quick to pronounce judgments and that we have forgotten the importance of words like “allegedly”, “reportedly” and “seemingly”. I would like all of us to revisit these words just in case people start revisiting words like libel, slander and defamation. Never mind, but one fine morning all of us woke up to the news of his execution. Thank God else we would have subjected the people of this country to stories like, what does he eat, how much does he eat, who is the hangman, what is his background, how much does he earn blah blah blah.

I understand that we have totally lost our credibility when it comes to the entertainment beat. We religiously dish out rumours and say a “small little birdie told us!” How easy, isn’t it? Read the top news in the search engines, Karishma Kapoor’s marriage has come to an end. I wish to ask you sire journo, were you invited to a star-studded divorce do? Anyhow, let us get back to Kasab. Why are we dedicating so much of air time and print space on him?

Probably if we give some of this free air time to our manufacturers and producers, the economy will find its ignition. More so, even if we are why are we being so irresponsible? Do we really need to send out details like who executed him, what did he eat, what were his last words, ah did we forget to write about the jail was it according to Vaastu? There was a reason why the Government kept the news a secret. Did we have any reason to send the updates to other extremist outfits (kindly note, not terrorist or militant outfits)? Who will be responsible if they now seek to take revenge? Do we always have to be so LOUD always? Let us not hide behind “we are not afraid”, “we need to tell the truth” dialogues. My foot! What if Pakistan looking at our ugly dance of death, decides to execute Sarabjit Singh? By the way, that reminds me, he would have secretly crossed the border long back had we not created a hue and cry. Just understand, we are like fools rejoicing the death of a foot soldier being controlled by a remote. The day we have the remote and the mastermind both, we can break into jigs right in the middle of the street, and only if the rules of civilisation permit.

Why are we digging the graves of the past so hard and deep? Think about those who lost their loved ones in the unfortunate incident? They probably wanted some quite time and not a “how are you feeling now” session.

High time we introspect and understand what the role of the fourth pillar of the society is. Rather, can we act a bit more sensibly? Shall we get back the to the Robert Vadra case, to the 2G or Coal scam? We have been successfully deviated from the more important things. Instead of getting used or rather misused in the hands of a few powerful people for their own benefit, we should look at the larger picture. The role of the media is not to run flowing towards news “created” by those in power. Ah yes, about the movie that inspired to me churn out this gibberish, I wish to meet all those who reviewed it and said “must-watch” or “watch atleast for the sake of SRK or Yash Chopra”.

I wish we could hang the brownnosers and sycophants to begin with.

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