What privilege are you talking about?

Samajwadi Party MP Shailendra Kumar has moved a privilege motion seeking action against people making derogatory remarks against MPs. What privilege are you talking about Mr Shailendra?


I am not a Baba Ramdev loyalist.

But Yoga guru Baba Ramdev on Wednesday courted yet another controversy by saying that murderers, looters and illiterate people are sitting in the Parliament and invited the fury of the parliamentarians.

However, what privilege do you need Mr Shailendra?

Okay let us look at it from a logical angle; hope they did teach you some logical reasoning back in school/college.

Mathematically, if I say most of my employees do not come on time, I doubt if the one who does come on time can file a case against me. So if someone says that many of our Parliament Members are illiterate, thieves, thugs, rapists and murderers – how is the statement wrong? Try denying the fact and statistics will fail you across length and breadth of each category in isolation; we are not as yet getting into the collective figures.

Again my question, why do you need any privilege? This is exactly where people like you are failing. Do you know how much I/my family contribute/(s) towards the GDP of the nation? Do you even know what the GDP of our country is and how we arrive at it? For sure not by offering free internet, telephone, rail and air travel to the entire family or wasting money on parliament sessions just to witness a walk out of sorts!

Look within and you will not muster the courage to look at the mirror.

Just get one thing straight, you have been elected to serve the nation the way I serve my company. Do not make a murky business out of it. We as the citizens of India are busy earning money and name and fame for the nation. But that does not imply that we just do not have the time to shut you up. I suggest you get back to you work if it has been allotted. What is being paid to you in my hard earned money that I pay to you in the form of taxes and you take it home as salary. Be ashamed of yourself!

I am not circulating any spam mail or any forward. Check out how you drain the country’s resources here: — http://parliamentofindia.nic.in/ls/intro/p8.htm

What have you done for the country?

Try and mend your ways before we chuck you out. If you cannot perform, then just bid a good bye and get lost.

And yes, most of you are illiterate and unpolished and convicted against whom multiple cases are running. And try denying this fact.



3 thoughts on “What privilege are you talking about?”

  1. Lavanya,

    Very righteous statement. However I will keep a lawyer on standby for you as such people instead of understanding facts will go on rampage of filing cases.

    Take care

  2. What about freedom of speech uncle? And if my manager tells me I am not doing a good job, will I file a case against him?

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