Where Can I take You?

Image: Mike and Maaike

Well, eat your words and do not say “hell”! If what I read on one of the news portals today is correct and if my reading abilities are still intact, then there would soon be a car that I can operate using my G1 phone (you will get to know why later unless you have already guessed it) and will actually take you to “hell” if you happen to utter these words!

I can “call” it and it shall oblige me by arriving. The electric glass door will slide open to allow me to enter and then it will say “madame, quelle place? “ And I shall pass a smile, remove my hat and say “ma chérie, votre souhait “.

Well, not really may be, but I can always command it to take me home when it asks me “Where can I take you?”

I am not day dreaming, but there is someone who is burning midnight oil – Mike and Maaike – the designer duo behind Google G1 phone have designed one such car and transported me to the future.  They propose to name it “ATNMBL”.

Now in the absence of driving gears like steering wheel, clutch, brake, accelerator, which way should I sit, or would it not matter? And will ATNMBL get confused if I sit in the opposite direction of the flow of traffic?

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