Do you want to gotto office today?

A recent research said that Google’s work culture attracts prospective candidates to it. And why should it not? If you have studied management and you are aware of Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene Model, you would know that the presence of a few factors might not motivate employees but the absence results in dissatisfaction.

Let me explain, ever heard an employee saying “wow, my floor has an air conditioner” or “I work on the 5th floor and do you know, we have a lift that ferries us and we do not have to climb the stairs!” or may be “my HR is so nice, we are allowed to take a day off on Fridays and Mondays as well to have an extended weekend”. I bet you have not, but you would have for sure heard these “my office AC was not working today” or “what do they expect me to do, climb up five stairs to have food and come down?” or “wish I could resign, my HR counts it as three days of leave if I take a Friday or a Monday off”.

What companies should understand is that they need to create a positive work culture. However hard we may try, as humans we cannot separate our work and professional life completely. After all, if a company does not allow you to take holidays and go on vacations or says if you take one day off on Monday or Friday, they will count it as three days off, where is the motivation to work? There are companies that do not have the concept of sick leaves. So if you have already booked your holiday tickets but are confined to your house owing to an upset stomach just before going for the vacation, your holiday plans go for a full toss. The idea is to not give an implication that “WE HAVE BOUGHT YOU” or “YOU ARE OUR SLAVES”.

Also, we need to understand that a little bit of freedom does not hurt. I have seen so many of my graphic designer friends wasting office hours to “manufacture” a doctor’s certificate which looks just like an original one. All because they took a day off because of a headache and did not go to a doctor and without a doctor’s prescription, their sick leave would be converted into a casual leave! I mean, give them that freedom and they will use their creativity to design something better for the company! No one but the company is a loser in this case!

And probably that is the reason why Google always makes headlines owing to its work culture. Give your employees a work environment that they like to come to every day. Another firm that I know has a very high attrition rate only because the washrooms there can be compared to those on a busy railway platform!

Another example is the companies in the US provide a lot of flexibility to people by allowing them to work from home but in India, it is perceived to be a very casual attitude. Here we need to make our presence felt in the office for long hours to prove our loyalty, dedication and calibre.

Well, let the companies decide if they want 12 working hours that result in 6 productive hours or are they fine with not imposing the clock restrictions and yet getting more than 100% from their employees!

2 thoughts on “Do you want to gotto office today?”

  1. What you say is so right. If the environments are congenial at work place, the output will automatically increase. Same goes for inter-action with employees. Human approach always bears good results.

    Take care

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