The hijacked government

Dinesh Trivedi has quit after announcing his debut railway budget. What is expected now is a roll back of the railway price hike.

1991 was the year when Manmohan Singh announced the landmark reforms and ushered in a new era for the Indian economy.

Today, one Mamata Banerjee decides to oppose a move and the government decides to go with her just to avoid early elections?

It is happening time and again – the latest one being the railway price hike. I see no harm in that! The popular noodle brand “Maggie” could not increase its prices, hence decided in favour of reducing the quantity. Now, either the railways can reduce the quantity or the quality of the service provided as the prices it charges are almost decade old! If you are running your own business, will you not increase the prices atleast once in ten years?

Now, Banerjee is literally sitting with a sword around the central government’s neck. The coalition will have to prove its majority in the parliament if she withdraws support and thus might have to reduce their term by two years if they fail to find supporters! So, politics will dictate our economic reforms! I want to know if I can do anything here as the citizen of India.

Mamata has earlier opposed the move to allow Wal-Mart to invest in India. What all will she refuse and we take it? And all because the ruling coalition wants to be in power for the full term!

2 thoughts on “The hijacked government”

  1. The price India pays for coalition politics 🙂

    Unlike Maggi noodles, quality or quantity of service cannot be reduced. It will lead to a compromise on safety, which is not acceptable.

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