Pakistan Calling! Oops!

The economy of Pakistan is in a visible fragile condition, the balance of payments situation is not favourable and there is a huge fiscal imbalance. Growth has lost its momentum and foreign reserves are not much to speak about. Add to it the global slowdown and the inflationary pressures.

However, one particular person, claiming to be a Vodafone customer care person, calls from this number –0092 3006881313. Google tells me +92 is the country code for Pakistan. This gentleman announced that I am among the lucky 100 people across the length and breadth of India who are lucky enough to have won Rs 25 lakhs each (Indian or Pakistani?). And he further insists that I share my bank account number or house address. If I could share my bank account number, it would enable easy transfer of funds. But if I share my house address, he will have to send his colleagues in an auto and hence will deduct the auto fare and the price of the briefcase in which they will get cash!!!

Any suggestions? And who are the rest of my countrymen to have won this amount? Another 99 out there, right?


A very good friend of mine says, “may be they are taking revenge for yesterday’s match!”
Ah well, that did not strike me!

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