Let me live

These stilettos hurt oh God,
lemme run around bare feet in the garden
I don’t find fun in these important issues of life,
lemme just enjoy it to the fullest
I don’t understand why the sun is red,
but I love the red hot bun that it looks to me
Donno why it is raining here and not there,
but I want to dance to both the tunes
Wonder why I need to grow up,
but I see no point in being like you
lemme enjoy the sun
let the small little girl have some fun

2 thoughts on “Let me live”

  1. Uncle 🙂 The world, looks like, needs grown ups….who have something to be troubled about all the time….something to brood over…something to pass on to others to think over 🙂 Being a kid is sadly outta fashion 😦

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