A poem

I was asked to write a “love” poem as a part of my ragging! I could pen down these lines back then. I found these in the closet. I was not asked to give a title to this poem, hence till date it does not have any. But today it reads incomplete to me!

All that I remember is the last talk
You and me together and that walk……
That promise to be together always
The promise to never part ways…

Your laugh, can still hear it
Your smile, can still feel it….
Those eyes…could tear me apart
That wink…straight on the dart…

Wish I had captured that moment
Just arrested that one instant……
Wish I had simply hugged
Said all that had to be said….

7 thoughts on “A poem”

  1. Heyyy duuude!! Didn’t know you had the gift. Totally knocked me off 🙂 Lets have a new one now. Am sure your creative juices must have had quite a bit of rest over the last month.

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