Kashmir revisited

Is there any solution for Kashmir? I end up writing on this very often. And each time I write, I feel that I understand the topic better today than ever before – just to be proved wrong. This time is it author Arundhati Roy who has inspired me to pen down a few thoughts. At a massive rally, Ms Roy said “Kashmir is not an integral part of India” and she concluded her speech with “India needs azadi (freedom) from Kashmir as much as Kashmir needs azadi from India.”

We respect your thought and ideologies Ms Roy, but isn’t that the entire point of debate? I, without fail, mention the following paragraph whenever I write about the disputed valley:–

If one has a look at the history, one can point out reasons ranging from Jawaharlal Nehru’s short-sightedness to Maharaja of Kashmir, Hari Singh’s indecisiveness, Lord Mountbatten’s behind the scene act, Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s diplomacy, seditious ways of R.C. Kak and political “unwill” of the subsequent leaders for vote bank politics. The best and my favorite being article 370! To be written in golden words in our history.

For the uninitiated, “Article 370 of the Constitution gave constitutional validity to Abdullah’s separatist ideas and international intrigues and gave a special position to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It also affixed stamp on the historical fact that the Muslim majority region cannot remain with India”

You can bang your head against the wall looking for solutions; you can break your head but not the ice between the two countries – India and Pakistan. To begin with, India claims that the whole of Kashmir, but is ready to accept the current Line of Control as the international border, with some negotiations. Pakistan on the other hand is cent per cent sure that the entire Muslim population will join hands with it, hence the division be in its favour, leaving Jammu to India. What about the people of Jammu and Kashmir? What do they want? Let us talk about the real people of Kashmir.

Come to think of it, would you care if you got a very highly paying job in Delhi or Mumbai or Chennai for that matter? Young Kashmiris will also stop bothering; show them the jobs and the prosperity. At the cost of being rude, this entire generation that feeds on violence and the Kashmir issue needs to pass away. Only then will the solution be youth oriented.

23 thoughts on “Kashmir revisited”

  1. The whole propaganda is politically inspired and they would like to keep it that way without looking for a solution or a path to solving this decades old problem created by themselves and not by awaam.

  2. I shall be the first to comment then.

    1. I strongly oppose the idea of division of Kashmir. That would just be ridiculous considering the amount of money and blood that has already been shed for that land. We could either be completely stubborn and stuck up, and not give an inch (I am for this option!) or give away all of it – not necessarily to Pakistan, but just withdraw to watch them burn and die.

    2. I may suck at history, but as far I remember J&K, and Pakistan was a part of us. Would be now be wrong if we were to take all of it back? Including Pak? Considering we have the ability to so, without breaking a sweat.

    Getting back to my 1st point, as cynicical as it may sound – a need based approach would be the best way to reach a pragmatic solution.

    Pak wants Kashmir. Kashmir wants Freedom. India wants Peace. What if Indian Govt and forces were to withdraw from Kashmir, and declare them “free”. That will give Pak a chance to “take” what is rightfully theirs without having to intrude India and play the proxy war games. Would they then stop?

    Food for thought, eh?!

    1. Sorry Sairam!

      1. Giving it all to Pakistan – but why? The elder brother game? Nah, am not game.
      Making all of it a separate country is not going to solve any problem either. “Our” people will suffer too.

      2. Ok, let us have it all. We should have done that on day one itself instead of committing blunders!

      And Kashmir cannot survive on its own, the economy I mean. The answer to your question is no, Pakistan is a failed economy in itself. Now you want to hand over Kashmir, a troubled state, to it?

  3. Not an elder brother move. It is more analogous to chopping off a finger which has caught frost bite. You lose the finger or just watch it spread to other parts.

    The problem is – And it is obvious, that the whole system of proxy war, infiltration, politicians being hand in glove etc is surviving because of a huge shade of grey in the stands that either Govt is taking. It needs to be black or white. Either we claim it as ours, and fight till the last man for it… Or we give it up. What that does, is exposes the decision makers to chose sides and take clear stands. It sure would clear up a lot of things.

  4. So you are telling me, it is beyond repair and hence we chop it off? That way, we have a problem in the north east….going by that standard, the Nizam of Hyderabad wanted a separate country right in the middle of the union of India…we shall have many more. I with all due respect, disagree here.

  5. Oh well… Let’s just say tough times call for tough decisions.

    How about an all India plebiscite? Only those people who want to be a part of India as a nation state (No more states!) would be allowed, the rest can have their share and do as they wish with it. Let the complete map be redrawn. If that is what it is going to take to stop the bloodshed, then so be it. I am, and will always be, an all or nothing man.

    And trust me on this, if there is a unanimous, firm Govt. stand that the results of the plebiscite will be adhered to, most, if not all of what’s currently known as “India” would stick on. And there is a reason to it… People do not understand what India as a country brings to their table. Stability and economic sustainability being the first of the long list. Take it away, and they will come back pleading. Nizam of Hyderabad was one man – I am not sure if all of Hyderabad wanted what he did. As is the case with the North East or Kashmir.

    1. Why, but why? Will you start having a plebiscite for all and sundry? The entire world will disintegrate and we shall be back to the princely states era and once again someone will emerge the leaders, once again wars will be the rule of the land……what goes, comes back?

  6. There is only one solution. Telling the morons (read omar abdullah) to shut up and let it known to everyone in kashmir, first of all that kashmir means india and no other thoughts will be entertained.

    The second logical step is to tell pakistan it is an indian state and if they want it then are welcome to claim it in the battleground. Same holds true for china.

    Whatever has happened in the past is gone. If something was promsied to kahsmiris back then, let it be. Tell them guys we have changed rules and ur a part of india just like new delhi is. And thell them its better if they it is that way.

    The biggest eff up (sorry for the choice of words) is that is doesnt even require a lot of political will to do so. How many MPs does kashmir have? 4 if i am right. And whoever does so will haev national support.

  7. Namaste Lavanya, nice article…I guess the question remains, “why can’t people get along”….

    I had the pleasure of visiting Kashmir in 1985 when it was peaceful and realized this was heaven on earth…the people who live there should stroll around the Mulghul Gardens and smell the flowers….namaste ~!~

    1. Hi Mark!

      Thanks a lot for visiting my page and commenting. I must confess, I have never been to Kashmir 😦 The year in which you visited Kashmir, I was in my cradle probably…

      Yes, people do get along, there are some who have made violence their business…

      1. Most welcome Lavanya…I guess it is those “some people” who are ruining it for everybody else….look onn my Facebook photos page under album “Asia Travels” and you’ll see a couple pics in Kashmir on Dal Lake near Srinagar…those were the days!

  8. Voice of conscience is dead in Arundhati Roy. She needs help from mature people around world. By the way she has got whatever she wanted.. publicity-Its enough for her to sell herself..don’t take her seriously. she knows cheap ways to fame..

  9. Wonderful blog! I truly love how it? s easy on my eyes as well as the data are well written. I am wondering how I can be notified whenever a new post has been made. I have subscribed to your rss feed which need to do the trick! Have a nice day!

  10. Lavs… i will tell u a funny part…

    we say it has disputed area in the map… and our fellow neighbours… include it in their map as a part of their country… believe me or not…

    I didnt wanted to start a debate so i didnt point it out when we had a presentation here of all the countries… so u know how it is…. anyways….

    i will still say “no comments”… or rather… make it an independent country… saari problem hi solved!! 😛 😛 🙂

      1. are bola to… na pakistan ka na india ka… no more terrorism becos of kashmir… no more bloodshed… no more politics…

        waise… i would be wrong to say that… our politicians know their job perfectly… they will find a new reason for politics then….. no use… power/money/ego makes anything possible… 😛 😛

        waise u know… its hard to imagine and believe… out of so much political crisis on the world podium… actually when u land up in a foregin country… u will see that indians and pakistanis bond so well together… there is no difference… we speak same language… we eat same food… we think likely… we behave likely… anyways…

        i would have never imagined this coming from “Roy”… i donno what is she upto… writers are considered to be responsible people unlike our politicians… its not right on her part to fuel such controversies… and also writers are assumed to be literate and intelligent people… her this act to me is a sign of mental illetracy and nothing else…

        ufff… no comment bolte bolte kuch jyada hi bol gaya 😛 😛

        ok ok.. no further comments 😉

  11. 1)The only 2 countries in the world that favour the kashmir sepratist movement,Pak and China.These are two countries where any Secessionist movement inside the territory is rewarded with the bullet…..so they should be snubbed at every mention in international forumn.

    2)Findin an internal solution which comes down to basic (roti kapra makan & perks :)) and can be easily garnered considering the economic growth in others parts and kashmirs in different parts of the country are countributin to it anyways.

    3)The solution lies in removing the fuel from fire……we are just acting as firetenders……fight the movement …….never inspect/proact during the lull.
    Whenever theres is lull go for rapid development.

    4)A big chunk of it needs to be done in failed foreign policy…..break all contacts with pakistan and china…..globally publicise ground realities of POK and akasai chin ………the economics of it will put immense pressure(pak dicy) but china loves moolah nowadays.

    my 2 cents….

  12. Lavvy,

    I am glad that you have written an article on such a serious issue soooo well. Well Done Dear.

    I agree that it is a great article but the flaw is – I still fail to understand weather do you want to justify Madam (read stupid) Arundhati Roy’s statement or oppose her??

    Unike the fellow bloggers I strictly oppose that we should make Kashmir a separate country. We have part ways with a country (now called Pakistan) back 1947 and you can now watch the effects of that separation. Some people might be very confident and aggressive before starting a new business, but how can you guarantee that they know the art of running the business successfully without any fail??

    Also How can we even think of giving Kashmir to a nation, who himself don’t know about its future? I guess people of Kashmir (especially the youngsters) – who were indulged in stone throwing competition few weeks back wants employment, food and protection rather than a prime Minister either from Islamabad or New Delhi.

    Wot Say???

  13. responding to the post quite late…when the debate has already flowed in for quite sometime. I agree on the point that granting complete independence is not the solution – it will nullify the basic tenets of republic India and soon we’ll again have a bunch of autonomous states battling out with each other for shared resources.

    But for once, why can’t the 2 countries leave their egos behind and form something of a collaborative government for the region. This might sound little weird in the context of Kashmir…but guess this is how the voice from both sides of the LoC are likely to be represented. I mean if we can collaborate on everything from art&culture to defense – then why not on governance. It might lead to some initial hiccups and chaos- but mature handling of the situation, am sure is to yield positive outcomes

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