Did Teresa Flamingo sleep with you last night?

Sorry for the “cheesy” title but this is exactly what this sms that I received at some unearthly hour threatened me about!

“I am Teresa Flamingo. Today is my 26th year of death. If you do not forward this to 20 people, I will sleep with you every night till your day of death.”

I am very notorious for scaring people who are already petrified of illogical consequences. I recall having received a mail saying, “If you do not forward this to 10 people, you will never find the love of your life.” I said, okay let me edit it a bit and made “100” out of the “10” and sent it back to the sender! Of course the person was not amused but more annoyed was the person whose sms I edited and turned the “send to 20” to “send to 200”!

Why do the “will fail to find love” messages follow me like an arrow out from an anti-cupid moron only in February , the month dedicated to love by Vox populi? Why do the Goddesses decide to not shower her blessings upon me only during the festive season? Any guesses why my business will “have to” post losses during the financial year end if I do not forward a message?

Another question: How will the fate/luck of all those people whom I choose to send these forward messages coincide with mine? Gosh, looks like a cosmic conspiracy! If it is some extraterrestrial activity then probably I cannot do much but if it is some human activity, can I sue the originator? Mark my words, I am serious. Can I trace the originator in the first place? My friend sent it to me out of the fear of the unknown and there are of course hundreds of other “scared” and “why-take-risk” characters behind the scene. None of them made any money out of it except for the service provider.

High time the consumer wakes up and says a no to this blackmailing-forward-chain-sms game. If you are a lawyer reading this, I would like to avail of your services and want to sue the provider for harassing me, for “forcing me” to spend my money on text messages and using my precious time on “what-will-happen-next”. If an engineer/techie is reading me, please help me screen these messages. And service providers, beware!

And no, Teresa Flamingo didn’t sleep next to me and even if she did, she didn’t disturb!



12 thoughts on “Did Teresa Flamingo sleep with you last night?”

  1. Heya,

    So finally u did post on this 😛 long i have been wanting to do this… how was my idea of send this mail daily for next 3 years to 200 person else u will have badluck 😀 😀

    nice one… didnt felt u wrote it!! 😉

  2. Rupesh! Yes, the one that I got last night was the limit! Had to….your idea sounds s00per d00per fun! Implement it and send it to the service providers right away! Tell them if they do not give free talk-time worth Rs 1000 to every user, their business will fail!

    And thanks for the “compliment” in the “comment” or vice-versa!

    1. Neat!

      I doubt you can sue them though. Hard to trace the originator I guess. And even if you did manage to get to them, what will you sue them for? They did not directly harass you now, did they? It was indeed some imbecile you know, who didn’t know better than to forward it to you.

  3. Come on. Stop being cynical. the message gave you an opportunity to show your humorous and evil side to the world. it also gave you the chance to write an article here.
    Not so bad, is it?

  4. Hi Lavanya,
    Didnt knew that you write here. Good that I found you here apart from fb.
    Chain letters used to be fun when I was a kid and enjoyed writing those pages and passing them on. But e-chain letters today are something which I hate the most on internet. You know the best part to kill them – when you get any such email simply press “Reply-All” so it will be passed onto all the people including the sender. I did this in the past for couple of times n’ it did work 🙂 People will think twice including you in the list next time. These days even if I receive any such email I safely ignore them 🙂 As far as SMS is concerned – I simply delete them 🙂

  5. I’m Teresa flamingo if you don’t post this in 20 posts I will sleep with you forever and ever and evvvveeeerrrrrr😡😱😴😴😴

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