Spoils of the war….

July 24, 2008

The government might have won the vote of confidence, but a lot has been lost.

Somnath Chatterjee, speaker of Lok Sabha of the Indian parliament very aptly said that the Indian parliament is witnessing its nadir. The day, July 22 shall surely go down in the history of the Indian politics as a red lettered day.

If on one hand, the day gave us ‘quotable quotes’ that would be remembered for years to come, it also gave us moments that any Indian would like to bury deep down.

I wish to conduct a survey on the Member of Parliament (s) some day. I am somehow sure more than half of them would not be able to tell me in clear terms as to what exactly is this nuclear deal, how is it different from the 123 agreement and what has the Hyde act got to do with it.

What one saw on was a complete furor in the parliament house of one of the largest democracies of the world.

A debate that was supposed to be decide not only the fate of the Indian government, but also that of the India-US civil nuclear deal, turned out to be a complete mud singling game for the politicians.

People supported the government not because they understood the importance of the deal, but because they saw an ‘opportunity’. Many stood against the government because they were made to believe that the government would loose (how I wish they knew the outcome before hand).

Amidst allegations of horse-trading and money exchanging hands, the very essence of the day was lost.

Leader of the Opposition, L.K Advani who thinks that he is the most eligible Prime Minister in the making (probably, the longest Prime Minister in making ever), launched his broadcast against the Prime Minister instead of debating the nuclear deal. For all I could understand was that he could not manage enough words against the deal itself.

Speaking in the parliament, Advani had gone to the extent of comparing the government to a patient in the ICU.

Speaking confidently during the debate, Advani had said that his party, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) would renegotiate the deal when back in power. And the ever charismatic Lalu Prasad Yadav, the union Railways Minister and former state chief of Bihar, kept the audience engrossed with his rustic touch and hit Advani below the belt as he said, “renegotiate? Who is getting you back to power to allow you to renegotiate the deal.”

Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India advised Advani to change his astrologer and find one who could give him the right predictions about the future. Well, I wish Advani could manage changing his stars!

How can we forget the former Left allies of the government? They are after all the ones behind this political drama! Union Finance Minister, P. Chidambaram aptly summed it saying that-two groups-BJP and Left allies, diametrically opposite to each other in thoughts are trying to pull down the government for political reasons.

But the surprise packet was Rahul Gandhi, heir of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty of India who, is otherwise known as the General Secretary of the Congress party. Gandhi presented an almost out of the school speech, drawing metaphors and similes to the life of poor families.

Regional parties joined hands, formed new political alliances, talks of a third front are abuzz.

To sum up, ahead of the assembly polls and the forthcoming general elections, we are witnessing new handshakes, love (blind?) is blooming and some are heading towards a divorce.

But then, where is the deal? NObody seems to be concerned about the deal anymore. Its just the spoils of the war that they are busy collecting……….

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