Poor Girls

March 12, 2008

I had written this piece sometime back but it holds true even today.

Recently, I read an article saying that young girls are fascinated by bollywood actor Kareena Kapoor’s new ‘avtar’, the ‘slim’ figure. The article said that she has reduced to zero size and is all set to reduce to minus one…….well!

Here is what I had written back then……..

A few years back, our teacher in school used to tell us that if we do not study hard enough or do not work upon our strengths, we might have to eat less and starve like the girls in the fashion fraternity or the film industry. And ever since I have referred to these girls as ‘poor girls’, hence the title………

These ‘poor girls’ are underweight, they found out recently. And the astonishing or not so astonishing fact is that we knew that long before. Didn’t we??

But who the hell said you need to look like a pencil to look beautiful? Who said you cannot eat? Who on earth told them to workout day in and day out?? Who advised them to oblige all and sundry to get them to the top position in life?

There have been surveys and reports that have proved that these models are under weight. They are under nourished. Come to think of it, why does one work? To earn your bread, right? If we justify that it is a pre requisite of this industry and the profession just like one has to be physically fit to be in the army, or sharp to be in the management field and the like, do these girls live a normal life?

The number of suicide cases, the unhappiness, and the discontent among them is quite evident. There is competition and it is not healthy to a great extent. They are beautiful…….from the outside …….they are ugly deep within.

Now what exactly do we mean by beauty? Is a semi clad girl with an hour glass figure beautiful? But isn’t your girl next-door a beauty? Isn’t the typical Indian house wife who sweats out in the kitchen sexy? What about your mom? May be she has never even visited the beauty parlor, but there is something about her that is so beautiful. And that serene look on the face of your grandmother……..

[I completely believe my father when he says I am a princess though I am not slim, though I do not wear those weird clothes and put on that scary make up…….]

Nutritionists and dieticians all over the world have realized that this trend of ultra slim models and actors needs to be changed. Let us allow them some enjoyment, some health and some life!

Call it a game of words or just a perception, but I beg to differentiate between prettiness and beauty. Pretty they are……..they who?? Yes, I am talking about my ‘poor girls’. No one can deny the fact. But beautiful are the girls you know as your daughter, your wife, your sister, your mother, your friend. Beauty is something I associate with the heart. Anyways that was a bit off the track. Another off the track thing that has always been at the back of my mind is who wears these clothes in real life? I mean those skirts with such funny cuts, the trousers with vegetables hanging around……many of the clothes I do not even understand what to call them……..a gown, a frock , a skirt , an evening dress…….I don’t know what all they sport!

All I know is that these poor girls need a life, they need to chill, please let them eat, let them wear CLOTHES, breathe and enjoy. They demand some respect, give it to them. Most of all, they need peace of mind. I would love to know that they are no longer ‘poor’.

And then we can proudly ape them.

Till then I know I am a ‘rich girl’. I get to do what I want to. I eat whatever I feel like. I have my way of creating fashion………just be comfortable in whatever you wear and that shall become the style statement.

And after all these people in the fashion fraternity and the film industry follow my fashion steps! How? They in their real life, in their house, behind the four walls………I am sure they enjoy the mis-matched grey skirt with a magenta top or simply my favorite blue jeans and a white t-shirt!! What do you say?

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