Nuke (New) Confidence

July 16, 2008

For the first time ever I saw a confident Rahul Gandhi speaking out ‘his mind’.

And from a journalist point of view, Rahul, the General Secretary of India’s Congress party must have for the first time ever given a proper ‘byte’ which calls for ‘news’.

The heir of the Nehru-Gandhi family today in what can be termed as strong words said that he endorsed the nuclear deal and that he would not regret if the government fell apart in the process of getting the deal sail through.

Hinting at the fact that it is those ‘old-fashioned’ brains who are opposing the deal, Rahul said that he has interacted with quite a few young politicians of other parties and that none of them were against the deal.

The General Secretary, speaking at a conference in Amethi, his constituency, said that Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh has understood the very need and importance of nuclear energy in the country and that it is a pro-development deal

Citing the example of how Rajiv Gandhi, his father and Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s husband was criticized when he tried to introduce computers, Rahul said that the need of the hour is the nuclear deal and people shall appreciate this initiative years later.

He admitted the fact that that this nuclear deal that has created ripples in the Indian political scenario is risky, yet crucial. He said that though a risky proposition, he would tell the prime minister to take such risks again and again.

Dodging the question of left parties withdrawing support, he plainly said that parties should keep aside ideological and political differences aside for the benefit of the nation.

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