No delay, no denial

Feb 23, 2008

Even as the president of the nation is busy making statements to the effect that ‘though judicial processes should be speedy, they should not be faulty’, irate members of a mob in India’s eastern Bihar decided to pronounce judgment on the crossroads by brutally thrashing a murder suspect, almost to death.

And allegedly, the policemen watched on….

Two students had fought over a cell phone, the quarrel snowballed into a ‘near-fatal’ fight and one of them landed himself in a city hospital. The mob caught hold of the ‘suspected murderer’.and beat him smashing his head with bricks.

One incident and the questions it raises are many. …and our honourable president, Ms Pratibha Devisingh Patil maintains that it the incident throws light on the inefficiency of the judicial system.

No doubt our judicial system is not such that I would like to defend it beyond a certain point. One can have a look at the number of cases that are pending in the courts even today. Just for the want of one ‘hearing’, the witnesses turn hostile, lawyers sell their services, facts are re-written and what not.

It wont we an exaggeration of any kind to say that most often than not, these cases is passed on to the next generation as a legacy. And they become the bane of the family.

But is the judicial system of the country alone to be blamed? A macro look at the problem would point out issues like, changing psyche of the people and growing intolerance among the youth. I wonder what would it take to restore the confidence of the common man in the judicial system. And I wonder what would it take to restore sense in the youth of the nation.

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