[News Opinion] UK Teen Tourist murder mystery

>>>DO you know????….a teenager, a girl was found dead on a beach in Goa in India, a lot of foreigners go there, I mean it is a popular destination among the Britishers…

==Yea, Guess they have arrested a couple of people and guess they have solved the case…

>>>It is ok if you make and take guesses but the thing is the poor mother, Fiona Mackeown, isn’t that her name? Imean Scarlett Keeling’s mother…even she is clueless!! She says the police has not informed her about anything and the corpse has not been handed over to her as yet….pity! must say!!!

== Well, I have not met her or the police, so cannot say much. But hasn’t the case been out of proportion?

>>>HAs it been? I am sure anybody will think twice before touching another british teenager !!!

==Would love it if that happens

>>> But you know what? the case is making headlines because of some stupids!


>>>for one, the police, it is going mad, issues statements like anything, then her mother, I mean, man how could someone leave a minor child like that?? This had to happen!

== you mean to say the world has become such a place that if you leave a child alone, she would be raped and killed and you dont get to see her again? Talk sense! She could have been studying in a hostel …then?? I mean, talk about the drug pedalling that is going on, talk about controlling the crime rates, talk sense…

>>> Ok! What should be done?

== I don’t know! But yes, justice, that is the least that can be done

>>> But talk about Indians who are killed in the colleges and universities abroad…

==see, life is life, be it Indian, American, Briton ….

>>>But what is jutice??

==catch hold of the guilty and punish!  And just to end the debate……crime rates are on a high and we for sure have become barbarians……just a reality check……


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