[NEWS OPINION] ‘Rice’ says Indians eat too much ‘Rice’

April 30, 2008

My mom called me today in the afternoon just to check whether I had my lunch or not. And incidentally, I was working on a ‘reaction story’ to Madame Condoleezza Rice’s (US Secretary of State) statement in which she said that the ‘improvement in the eating habits of Indians and Chinese ‘ is one of the main factors for the ongoing world food crisis.

She did not stop there, she went on to say that due to such improved dietary is ‘forcing the governments in the two countries to keep food “inside”, which in turn is causing this food supply shortage’.

Ms. Rice, I wonder what made you speak like that. But then, yes, it did show signs that you accept our better standard of living, not that it matters to us anymore!

But then lady, the message you sent across to the Indians and the Chinese is, please eat less and give us the remaining! And did I get you right? Would you like it if India and China were’malnourished’ nations?

However concerned you make be about the global food crisis, I am sure we would like to eat what we want to and in what ever quantities. I do not know about China, but in India, we have a saying that, do not measure the quantity of food the other person is eating, it is bad manners. But then ‘Rice’ has annoyed so many ‘Rice lovers’ in one go!

Or are you acting out of frustration that you haven’t been able to find a solution as yet? And if that is the case, don’t worry, we have many learned economists and they shall help you out. And promise, we will not count the number of breads and eggs you eat.

Another thing, are you admitting that India is ‘the dependable’ and China is really the ‘great wall’ for the entire world?

Anyway Ms apt name Rice, the leaders and intellectuals world over are debating over the food price rise issue and they shall keep you informed in case you fail to call them.

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