[News Opinion] Premier League—-professionals and their isms

April 26, 2008

While the media has decided to ‘ignore’ the Indian Premier League (IPL) and not give ‘undue’ footage to it, IPL is trying its level best to give ‘news’ to our fraternity.

First it was the cheer leaders row and then, today it is Harbhajan Singh ‘slapping’ Sreesanth.

First we go about imposing a ban on the cheer leaders. We term them as ‘vulgar’ and ‘indecent’  and then we say that they need a dress code and may be a code of action also.

What more, some people have gone of the extent of comparing them with bar girls.

Let us pause for a few moments, let us think about it, come lets think together. Is it the rules, regulations and codes that we require or is it a ‘broader perspective’ or a ‘open mind’ that is needed the most at the moment?

The issue is that men stare at them for longer than required duration. The issue is that men turn up for these miniscule 20 over matches to watch these girls ‘cheer’ the players rather than for the game itself.

But do men leer only at these skimpily clad girls? Set out on the streets and you would find them staring at a fully dressed woman also.

And as far as the girls demeaning the Indian culture is concerned, then you better censor all these shows that are shown on the New Year’s eve or these dancers and singers and hosts on the realty shows who turn up in weirdest of clothes. Or any Bollywood flick for that matter.

Anyway, hypocrisy is what they call is at its best at times when it is least required.

Now this ‘slapping’ issue. Wonder by Harbhajan manages to come back to the limelight again and again and for the wrong reasons!
Harbhajan, the captain of the Mumbai franchisee of the IPL team, supposedly slapped S. Sreesanth of the Mohali team on Friday (April 25) after the paceman of the winning Mohali team shook hands with the captain.

And at the press conference these men tell the media ‘please talk cricket’. Well well well, only if you played the game honey!

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