[News Opinion] Olympics without the carols

April 17, 2008

It sounds as if it is Christmas time without the carols, sounds as if it is Holi, the colour of festivals sans the colours.

I mean to say that the very essence of Olympics has given way to the Tibetan ‘freedom struggle’. It has been over two months now that I have been tracking the Tibetan ‘story’, I have been watching the entire episode from close quarters, have been reporting the issue on a daily basis and have been writing more than two stories on the Tibetans daily. And it is today, early in the morning, just a few hours before the Olympic torch relay, I am trying to anticipate the Tibetan strategy.

Not only me, but the entire media is interested to know what the Tibetans exiles who have congregated in the Indian capital city of New Delhi from across the nation are planning to do.

We shall most likely be positioning ourselves at  the Chinese embassy lane, at the enclaves that are predominantly Tibetan colonies in the capital city. Though I am interested in knowing whether the torch reaches its next destination safely from the Indian leg or not.  I would like to know whether it goes from here untouched, but then again, what I want to know is whether the Tibetan succeed in their attempt to disrupt the relay.

But then today I feel that the torch relay is more about the Tibetans than the Beijing Olympics.

As a journalist, I know that instead of writing plain vanilla stories like ‘and people from all walks of life took part in the torch relay’ or say ‘top Bollywood star dons a different hat’…I am for sure going to write things like, ‘Olympic flame sets the Indian capital on fire’ or, ‘torch goes untouched!!!!!’ (exclamation intended).

Anyway, do not worry about the titles and the headlines, will keep you informed about them, rather, will post all the headlines by the end of the day.

And yes, the Tibetans have emerged successful. They have the attention of the world community, of the international media and they have garnered the support of the common man across the globe.

What more do they need? Autonomy, which I believe, they shall have soon, for sure.

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