[News Opinion] Life in a ditch

March 26, 2008

Indian authorities rescued a two year old girl from a almost 45-foot deep borewell in a most dramatic manner as the entire nation watched the drama unfold on the television sets.

Vandana, the child, they say fell into the hole while playing with her cousin. While her cousin escaped, she ended up being a victim of the accident and the trauma attached with it.

Even as the nation was praying for well being of the child, there was this realisation dawning upon many that it is not a question of just prayers. Prayers might have saved this child, but will surely not ensure safety for millions of others who live in remote villages across India.

As I watched the rescue operation live on the Television set, I could clearly recall a similar chapter when Prince, a five year old boy fell into a 53 feet shaft a nondescript village of Haryana in July 2006.

Pardon my unsympathetic attitude and this ‘emotion-less’ ‘piece’ of write up because though I am happy for the toddler, my anger against the authorities overpowers the happiness.

This is not the first time that a child of our nation has been put through such an ordeal. This is not the firt time that a borewell or a manhole or a ditch has been kept open and uncovered. This is not the first time that resources have been called for at such a short notice to facilitate rescue operations of this kind. And yet we end up watching repeat telecasts of such incidents, rather accidents.

They say, humans seldom learn from history …and we try our level best to live up to the saying.

The question is will anybody be held accountable for this? The question is will we ever learn? The question is will we give birth to yet another Vandana and yet another Prince?

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