Its Kashmir once again…

May 12, 2008

The visuals of women wailing, blood shed and firing in progress, it seemed like a well shot movie, but then, it wasn’t one. Bloodshed has acutally returned to the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir-once again.

Just when the media had got used to writing that though the peace process between India and Pakistan is moving at asnail’s pace, it seems to be stable, just when the media had got acquainted to the langauge that both the countires seem to be interested in peace, just when the feeling had started sinking in that terrorism might really be a word of the past, here came a jolt back to reality.

And this time, it was Jammu that did the Kashmir act. Jammu that had long forgotten its brush with terrorism, experienced an encounter that kiled five persons including a photo journalist. This came as  a reminder of the fact that things a re not all that well. The incident shouts from roof tops that there are people around who do not want peace, not as yet.

Media reports in India described this as the  first major attack ever since November 2002 when a Hindu Raghunath temple was attacked.

The Border Security Force (BSF) in India said that they have managed to foil the attack, Indian Intelligence Bureau said that the attack was a resusltant of the BSF’s negligence on Friday (May 09) when some militants tried to sneak into the Indian territory. Blame game apart, the fact is that terror has returned, hopefully, for a short period.

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