All for the want of a boy…

A woman in India, around 70 years ‘old’, old enough to be a great grandmother, gives birth to twins. The father of the twins, around 76 years old reportedly sold off his buffaloes and property and life time savings for In vitro fertilisation (IVF). The couple, who should have been spedning time with their 5 grand children is recovering in her mud house structure after the delivery.

And all for the want of a male heir.

The proud mother of the premature babies said that the children are a blessing in disguise. She said that she wanted to have a boy child and God has answered her prayers after all (if not sooner, ‘later’).

And the father turned out to be a bit more funny. He is happy that his wife has finally given him a boy! A boy who would ‘sson’ be a man, who would soon ‘protect his daughters’  and  ‘take care of his property’. I would have been a happy person had he expressed his happiness over the fact that his wife is probably the oldest mother to give birth. I probably would have been happier in that scenario I guess!

Being a girl myself, I find the very act pretty disgusting. All I find humourous in the entire episode is that the grown up grandchildren of the couple can go about saying that my ‘uncle and aunt’ are in a pram, or drinking milk, or crying, playing or seeking admission to school!

This is nothing but a national shame in my opinion for a country which is trying to set right its sex ratio. A country where off late men of marriageable age are finding difficult to get brides.

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