About functions

March 16, 2008

Well, somehow did not feel like prefixing the word ‘function’ with ‘mal’ in the title itself. May be because I could not come to terms with the fact that I am writing something on fashion!

Had heard and read that bad news is good news for a journalist, but the Wills India Fashion Week gave life to this statement……once again I mean!

A german model’s shoulder strap decides to play games with her while she is walking the ramp and it created ripples across the news circuit. What we do next is, get in touch with a couple of designers, some ex-models–and with so many brains put together, we discuss where things went wrong. Would like to highlight a fact that as far as news in concerned, any coincidence or any ‘matter of factly’ event is ruled out without any dispute.

The issue died, but a slow death, to be overtaken by less important issues like ‘Tibetan struggle’ and the ‘Goa murder case’, but only for a short while.

The fifth and the final day of the fashion show in New Delhi brought about another dose of excitement as another model twisted her ankle and fell on the ramp!

Oh well, please fill me with news saying that the news channels spent some 30-40 mins discussing the uncomfortable heels the model was wearing, or how they are not trained enough to walk the ramp or may be how stressed out they are, or just that they got a model of the yester  years who said that ‘it is no longer as glorious as today’……

Adios dearies till the next function or the mal, which ever comes first.

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