“Jeans are unhygienic”

This is a request to all the companies ‘manufacturing’ jeans that they should not sue me without reading the entire post.

IN yet another Talibanisation like move, similar to the RSS mentality or may be something bearing the trade mark of the Shiv Sainiks, some colleges in our own Kanpur city decided to ban jeans for women terming the clothing as ‘indecent’. They need not explain any further, but yes, they fear that women in ‘such kind of clothes’ attract the rapacious eyes of men in general.  They fear that the male students are scoring fewer marks because they are ‘distracted’ all the time.  I shall not attack the authorities here; let me state the facts first. Ironically, this ban of jeans and other ‘provocative dresses’ has been imposed in the ‘only girls colleges’. May be they got the news about gay and lesbian parades!! Nevertheless, the argument over here is that when these girls walk out of the college at the end of the day, men stand at the gates and pass comments especially at the girls who wear jeans and other ‘provocative dresses’. Of course, we shall not think of shooing away the men, (after all it would cost them a good gatekeeper ) so get the girls a dress code!

Will these people understand that men who lech around are mentally sick and they are pervert by nature and their psyche is immune to the dress code of a girl?

This gentleman, some Singh (a professor or some educationist) who was on ‘Live India’ TV Channel supporting the ban and tried to argue with a student union member…….here it goes….

EDUCATIONIST : “Jeans are provocative in nature and distract men”

GIRL: “But the ban has been imposed on girls studying in only-girls colleges

EDUCATIONIST : “But men stand outside the gates”

GIRL: “Men are there all over the world; where all will you go about imposing bans?”

EDUCATIONIST :  “Colleges are supposed to be a decent place and jeans are not!”

GIRL: “You cannot impose your thoughts on others, let the students and parents decide”

EDUCATIONIST :  “What will ‘these’ girls do when they grow up, get married and have in-laws and husbands? If they wear such clothes and go out, will the man cook and do other household chores?”

(I felt like answering him, but the girl, I guess some Nupur, did it on my behalf)

GIRL: “This is illogical, there is no co-relation”

The anchor interrupted, “sir, all this cannot be said is today’s age anymore.”

EDUCATIONIST :  “Well, we are concerned about the safety of the women, hence all these steps”

Then there followed a hell lot of debate with everyone accusing this man (I guess he is into active politics as well and a mother of a daughter asked him to concentrate on other policies that might benefit the nation.)

And out man decided to play the game once again.

EDUCATIONIST :  “All I am saying is that these jeans are not hygienic also! And that is the main reason. They are tight and not good for the body. They might cause some serious problems.” (Let him submit a report on this.)

GIRL: Sir, you cannot talk in these terms because you are a public figure yourself and I have seen you in western clothes.

The phone line got disconnected!  No prizes for guessing who banged it!!

Well, these unhygienic jeans will not harm the men, right? They can continue wearing jeans! Men shall not be asked to stop leching at women, they can continue doing so.

The economic slowdown has been giving these people sleepless nights and they have not been able to decide the right course of action, hence come up with these ‘policies’. After all, they get paid to frame policies! But yes, they have rubbed the jeans-making companies the wrong way! I would love to hear from one of those!!

As far as the girls are concerned, I am sure all of us have heard these silly arguments so many times that we really do not care. Then why did I care to write this crap? Well, to prevent myself from marching on the streets with placards against the morons who have nothing to do on earth!!

2 thoughts on ““Jeans are unhygienic””

  1. Very well said.. i being a man support the view that there shall be no boundations on the women in terms of what they need to wear and what not.. who gave them right to ban this in the college. Moreover does that means that if girls stop wearing jeans then there will be no more incidents there. let mr. politics give us the assurance in writing then if he is so sure about this. There are many countries where the incidents happens even when the girls are wearing burka which does not even expose thier face leave alone something Mr. politician accused others of…

  2. It is a nicely written article citing the current confused state of Indian politicians and their outlook towards the so called modern generation.

    The education system and the people running it are making a mockery of it. Simple things like sex education cannot be introduced as it is unethical, girls should not wear some clothes, reservation in premier colleges.

    We will probably see the ill effects of such policies only after the current reservation generation gets out in the open world.

    Instead of handling such issues with stern actions, they get soften as the boys are somehow linked to some friend of theirs itself.

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