For those who do not understand Punjabi, Dil Bole Hadippa translates to “My heart says Hurray”. But did my heart say hurray after watching the movie? It did! Fortunately, the film was over and I could walk out of the theatre.

I could have walked out earlier; but the very fact that it had ‘on the verge of being a superstar’ Shahid Kapoor and ‘comeback queen’ Rani Mukherjee and the Yash Raj tag; I stayed glued to the seat till the end.

To start with, the story is good. The story revolves around cricket, a topic that could have been explored and exploited but the script lacks the very essence of the sport or any sport for that matter – it lacks that excitement. Think of Bollywood and cricket together and the first movie that comes to our mind is Lagaan. The audience understands that if the movie has been made by an Indian and the writing on the wall says that India will emerge victorious in the end, does it have to be so obvious?

Here we have a girl from a village who aspires to play cricket for her country. She dares to dream about playing with the boys and yearns for a level playing field. All well, but the fairy tale ends here. The pace is slow and puts you to sleep. Even when it catches up on the speed, it is too predictable. Veera Kaur (Rani), ‘left te right hand batsman’ is this typical chatterbox village girl who eats, drinks and sleeps cricket. She comes from a village where girls do not play games, yet she aspires to play for India. Adding to her excitement is the annual cricket match between India and Pakistan headed by Anupam Kher and Dilip Tahil respectively.

Pakistan has always managed to win the game and Anupam decides call his son Rohan (Shahid), an accomplished Country cricket player comes to save team India. Veera is all excited and wants to defeat Pakistan. The only problem is that she is Veera Kaur and not Veer Singh. Hence, she decides to solve the problem and becomes Veer Pratap Singh to join Rohan’s team. It is again but obvious that there would be awkward moments for the ‘in-disguise’ Veera who is surrounded by ten other men.

Unfortunately, the cliché moments also fail to raise any laughs. There is no chemistry between Shahid Kapoor and Rani Mukherjee. Yash Raj is known for their kind of romance, but the little moments that Veera and Rohan steal fail to make any impact and the feelings do not reach the audience. The scene when Rohan discovers that Veer Pratap Singh, his team’s best batsman is Veera, has been wasted. Unfortunately, even the scene where Anupam Kher meets his long separated wife Poonam Dhillon has not met with the expected treatment.The presence of bombshell Rakhi Sawant and sultry Sherlyn Chopra also could not do much.

I heard new songs sitting in the hall, so I am assuming that the music isn’t not popular. Nevertheless, the ‘new songs’ do not help in raising the ‘score’ of the movie either. The only saving grace for me was my company!

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